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FEATURES Low noise and ideal for retro-fit installs or upgrades. Fitted with a steel C-Rail and a strong 800N DC motor, the feature-rich Dynamo™ offers all the performance and safety that a busy family home requires, yet will leave you with change in your wallet. With a sleek look the Dynamo™ provides the ideal balance between garage door opener performance and affordability. An ideal long lasting solution for busy families, it offers an excellent mix of safety systems, TrioCode™ technology, courtesy light and service reminder to make this an excellent long-lasting opener for homes with a sectional garage door. It can be readily upgraded to include battery backup, and belt drive for improved quietness and peace of mind. When you want a workhorse, this is the opener to buy.





GDO-6 EASYROLLER® GEN2 THE ESSENCE OF SMART, SIMPLE AND SECURE. Our new flagship roll-up garage door opener, the GDO-6 EasyRoller® Gen2 expands on the international standard set by its predecessor. Retaining the proven slimness, technological performance and reliable mechanics, this new opener introduces key technologies including Wireless PE Beam compatibility and LED lighting. The GDO-6 EasyRoller® Gen2 takes forward the impressive reputation built by this series over the past decade. Added to this new version is compatibility with Wireless PE Beams Ready, bright white LED lighting, and extra transmitter memory. Still included in the plethora of features is TrioCode™, Soft Start/Soft Stop, the ability to fit within as little as 40mm between the door curtain and bracket, and advanced door profiling and obstruction sensing.


Tiltmaster MT100EVO


New Security+2.0 remote transmitters operate reliably under all environment conditions and from a greater distance than ever before. Thanks to the latest multi frequency technology the remote will operate even when there is interference from other wireless devices. Safety Reversing System Your safety and property protection is assured because the Tiltmaster has automatic safety reversing built in. If the garage door is obstructed while closing, it automatically stops and reverses, if obstructed while opening, it automatically stops.


Merlin MR850 Roller Door Opener!

Information about Merlin MR850 Roller Door Opener you can  read about all the features and see how awesome it is!

  • The Premium DC Slimline Roller Door Opener for Residential Rolling Garage Doors up to 16.5m2Designed in Australia and nominated for an Australian International Design Award.
    This is more than just another roller door opener. Suitable for doors up to 16.5m2 with optional battery backup, integrated monitored output for home automation and energy-saving LED lighting. This opener is ideal for large single or double residential roller doors.Specifications: Double Roller, Single Rollerm 1 x wall Transmitter, 2 remotesKit contents:

    • 24V DC motor with thermal overload protection
    • Input voltage: 240V AC
    • Rated door area 16.5m2
    • Maximum door height 4.5m
    • Pulling force: 550N
    • Minimum side room 45mm
    • 433.92 MHz AM radio with Chamberlain Peak Detect™ rolling code technology
    • Up to 64 memory registers
    • Garage illumination: 12 premium ultrabright Leds

    Includes a full FIVE YEAR WARRANTY!





Premium quality automatic opener that is quiet, secure and contains the latest energy saving design features. Fast Operation. With a 13 second opening speed* the super fast operation minimises any waiting time. Combined with soft start and stop function, a powerful DC motor and adaptive technology inside the Silent Drive, you can be sure it will work in harmony with your domestic rolling door no matter what size or brand. Automatic Close Forgot to close the door? Don’t worry the timer to close option automatically closes the door. You can set a pre determined time between 1 and 10 minutes. All you have to do to activate this feature is to install the optional safety beams (must be fitted) to ensure safe closing after you have left the garage.

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